MiniM.E. is a very emotional preschooler.  All her emotions come on hard and strong.  She can be super happy, is extremely empathetic, and is one of the silliest, funniest kids I've ever met.  But at the same time, her negative emotions are equally as intense.  The smallest disappointment can bring her to tears and if she's angry it's an all-out tantrum.

Auntie Jen bought her the best present, a book about feelings, In My Heart.  It's about feelings and I'm hoping it helps her figure out what she's feeling.  So yesterday she was having a hard time, it being the day after Christmas and all, and she had been pretty cranky all day.  She was especially sad last night and as we were reading our usual chapter book, she said, "Mommy, I feel sad, can we read the heart feelings book?" And so we did.  And for every feeling I asked, "When do you feel _____?" and she was so sad that it wasn't Christmas anymore, she said, "The day after Christmas" with a big pouty face.

Even though it was a bit of a let down that it wasn't Christmas anymore, MiniM.E. and Baby#2 had a good time playing with all the new toys and enjoying Grams' house.

bonding over a bottle
taking a bath: "... this isn't my whale tub..."

matching owl jammies!
Today we drove down to CT for our family Christmas, but unfortunately, I got whatever Bob had right before Christmas and I was hardly feeling well enough to be there, so no photos... Maybe next year- there will be four kids running around!

Tomorrow its back to NY to unpack all the toys (and find them homes) and get ready for the New Year!

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