Almost Christmas

It seems like I was just planning for Thanksgiving, and here we are on Christmas Eve.  December flew by...

Baby#2 is all smiles all the time, especially in the tub

we went to a birthday party at CMOST where MiniM.E. practiced her canoeing

a Nutcracker themed birthday was a huge hit

MiniM.E. and Baby#2 spend so much time doing cute things together, I can't even document it

MiniM.E. reading to Baby#2

Baby#2 recovering from her 2 month vaccines

MiniM.E. in her new "Hibernation Day" pajamas

MiniM.E.'s baths are way longer than Baby#2's... 

Baby#2 has a hard time keeping up with all the playing MiniM.E. wants her to do
Baby#2 is making huge progress: she says "onion" AND found her hands!

Looking forward to a fantastic first Christmas for Baby#2.  MiniM.E. is so excited for Christmas it's hilariously adorable.  Merry Christmas Eve from NH!!

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