The Beach in November...

Tuesday, the weather looked warmer than usual, no rain in the forecast and for once we had zero plans for the day.  MiniM.E. was still getting over a little cold, but seemed in pretty decent spirits so I dared ask the question, "What do you want to do today?".

This question is usually followed by one of two responses.  A. absolute silence.  B. "have an inside day!"

Neither of which are particularly helpful in deciding the day's activities, but I figure it's worth a try-- sometime she might come out with something good.

Tuesday was the day I've been waiting for since before MiniM.E. could talk (in those days the response was always A.):  "let's go to the beach!"

While an exciting proposition, before we could actually go to the beach, I needed to explain that the beach is much different on a 60 degree day in November than on a bright, sunny, 80 degree day in the summer.  Namely the fact that there would be no swimming.  Also the fact that likely the beach road would be closed and we would have a considerable walk to get to the sand.

MiniM.E. said she understood and was still game so we gave it a try.  

When we got there the beach road was, in fact, closed.  It's ok, we could walk.

"Mommy, did you bring my bathing suits?"  

"No, sweetie.  Remember, it's too cold to swim."


"We'll sit on the blanket!" As the words were leaving my mouth I realized the beach blanket was still hanging in the garage... 


Which is how the rear floor mats of my car got shoved under the jogging stroller and are now considerably sandier than they were last week.

The walk there was longer than it seemed when driving in the car and MiniM.E. complained the whole way there, but once we got to the beach, she had a blast.  Baby#2 was not as excited about being on the beach with a cold breeze:

There was also a good sized playground that we migrated to when MiniM.E.'s feet were "so cold they're freezing!"

Otherwise, our week has been pretty quiet.  Lots of caring for Baby#2, school and playtime.

MiniM.E. putting on a show at the bookstore

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