Happy Thanksgiving

From a little pre-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping to cutting down the tree, we had a pretty spectacular Thanksgiving weekend.

We started by preparing for Thursday's dinner.  MiniM.E. was more excited to start shopping for Christmas:

Then came the cooking-- while we opted for turkey pie to make things a bit easier (not to mention the fact that I've never cooked a turkey), there were still lots of other things to prepare- like pumpkin pie.  Thanks to Gram for coming to help us out- if it were just me and the girls, we would have had to order in McDonalds!

Everyone came to our house for Thanksgiving:  Meamaw & Grandpa, Uncle Dave, Uncle Billy, Gram & Grumpy and Auntie Jen.  We haven't had that many people over for dinner in... ever... But it went really well and everyone had a good time.  Since we don't see Meamaw and Grandpa often, here are a couple photos of them with Leah.

On Sunday after everyone went home, we went to cut our tree down at Bob's Trees.  MiniM.E. wasn't really into it and spent most of the time playing in the snow:

Even though it was slim picking because most people probably went Friday or Saturday and a lot of trees were tagged from the fall, we still found a decent one (after a looonnng search):
MiniM.E. holding it up by a tiny branch

Bob's also had fun cut-outs, reindeer and a wagon ride with carolers which we went on twice because MiniM.E. liked the singing.  (Her new favorite Christmas carol is 12 Days of Christmas)

And then, of course, we had to put it up, put the lights on and decorate it.  MiniM.E. (in all actuality) was a huge help with the decorating.

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