Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

We started our Halloween festivities Wednesday by scooping out our pumpkins.  Like most messy things we do, MiniM.E. approached the pumpkin guts as if they were alive, only touching them gently with a spoon.

But it only took a few minutes for her to realize what she was missing out on.

I want to carve a SCARY pumpkin!
 Thursday we rested up in anticipation of our big Halloween Day on Friday.  Lots of cuddles and a pretend trip to the doctor for Baby#2.

Yesterday we had a huge day and by the end of the day we'd all had it with Halloween.  But it was a blast and MiniM.E. loved (mostly) every minute of it.

Let's start with MiniM.E.'s costume.  Sometime in September I asked MiniM.E. what she wanted to be for Halloween and she said Cinderella.  I thought she meant Rapunzel since she is in love with Tangled, so I ordered her a Rapunzel dress up outfit for her birthday.  When I tried to play up Rapunzel she still insisted on wanting Cinderella, but I held off.  Good thing because mid-October this conversation took place:

MiniM.E.: "I want to be a mum for Halloween"

me: "Like the flower?"

MiniM.E.: "No, a MUM, like with a silly hat."

me: "A NUN? Like a black and white with a silly hat?"

MiniM.E.: "Yeah."

me: (Pull up nun photo on my phone) "Like this?"

MiniM.E.: "Yep."

And that is how my daughter decided to be a nun for Halloween.  Still not sure where she saw or heard about nuns, because it certainly wasn't with me...

I am so glad she chose nun because our Halloween was hilarious and everyone that saw her declared it the best toddler costume ever.

Halloween started with a fashion show and trick or treating at school:

 Then we drove down the street to the Riggi Mansion to trick or treat for full sized candy bars and a chance to win $100 every half hour.  We had been MiniM.E.'s first two Halloweens, but since then the event has grown and we started out a block away and after 45 minutes were only a few feet closer, so MiniM.E. and I got our cider donuts and pet the pony and decided to be on our way without seeing the princess.

We came home, took a quick break, trick or treated a few houses in our neighborhood and lit our pumpkins.

We jumped in the car and headed out to a Halloween Party.  It was WAY too much for us to attempt with a new baby but it went really well and we all had a great time.

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