Baby#2's First Trip to NH

After our first week with just the three of us, we decided on a last minute trip to NH since MiniM.E. didn't have school Monday and it gave us four days of vacation.

We relaxed and played with all the fun toys at Gram and Grumpy's on Saturday afternoon.  MiniM.E. was most excited to see my parent's cat, Honey Bunches, and carried him around and brushed him.

Sunday we drove down to Boston for the Boston Christmas Festival, a craft fair with a gingerbread competition.  Gram and I liked shopping, MiniM.E. and Grumpy did not.  Fortunately, MiniM.E. was fairly patient while we shopped and she got a huge hit out of the gingerbread houses.
especially the Frozen one, even though she hasn't seen the movie
 To make up for dragging her around a craft fair, we walked over to the Children's Museum afterward.

a giant bubble!

golf ball roller coaster! 

more golf balls

and more

and more!

giant building blocks
Our day in Boston was fun, but tiring for everyone.  Monday and Tuesday morning we just took it easy.  Baby#2 took her first sink bath with MiniM.E.'s help:

MiniM.E. played in a giant pile of leaves Grumpy made for her:

And Baby#2 sat around and took naps:

It was a bit crazy to make a last minute trip with both girls, but MiniM.E. had a great time (and didn't want to leave) and Baby#2 didn't put up a fuss, so she must have had a good time too.  And I got a bit of a rest since MiniM.E. had someone to play with.  I even got to go out all by myself and get a haircut!  Thanks for having us Gram & Grumpy!

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