The First Day of School

Monday was MiniM.E.'s first day of (pre)school.  It was an open house day, so parents got to stay too.

I've been apprehensive about school for MiniM.E. since we put her on the list way back in the fall of last year.  I'm sure eventually she'll do fine, but MiniM.E. is very wary of new people, doesn't like large groups of kids, and has been away from me (with someone other than Gram) a number of times I can count on one hand.  Doesn't sound very promising to drop her in a room with a teacher and a bunch of kids she doesn't know and just leave...

In preparation for the big day, we've been talking it up for the past few weeks and MiniM.E. was beyond excited to go- in fact she insisted we leave at 6:30, 7, 7:30, 7:45 and roughly every 15 minutes throughout the day until it was actually time to leave for preschool at 12:30...

Here she is dressed in her new school clothes:

Fortunately, day 1 with Mom went really well.  She interacted with other kids, played (a little) on her own, had a tiny conversation with the teacher and generally seemed to like it there.  Bonus: brand new playground with huge slide that MiniM.E. loves!

All in all, we left preschool on good terms.  Until we got to the parking lot where she had a total melt-down from all the stimulation and insisted she didn't want Mommy to leave her next time.  Let's just see what happens on Wednesday when parents have to leave...

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