School Days...

MiniM.E. is still a wreck about school.  Friday was much better than Wednesday, she actually participated in a few activities and cried less, but after a weekend home with mom and dad, today was a miserable drop off.  She insisted she would cry until snack and then wait for me on the playground until I picked her up (after crying for half an hour at home and begging me not to make her go and to please stay with her and then clinging to anything that might delay me putting her in the car to go).  So we'll see.  Hoping it gets better, because this is really stressful for mom!

We had a good weekend enjoying the fall weather though- it was beautifully cool and I LOVE IT.  I LOVE FALL.  We got out Saturday to Malta Community Day before it started raining and MiniM.E. rode a pony and did the inflatable slide 20 million times.

Sunday we were booked for the afternoon with a Daddy-daughter date and a BBQ.  And in between it all, I'm trying to get my list of "things to do before baby comes" done.

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