Loving Fall

MiniM.E. is doing so much better at preschool.  In fact, today we dropped her off and she didn't shed a single tear.  That's right- NO CRYING!! Which is huge.  And Wednesday she had a great day- did everything the other kids did and was playing happily on the playground when I went to pick her up.

Which is not to say we are out of the woods yet...

Our preschool mornings have been increasingly difficult.  Wednesday it was a solid half hour of crying- at the YMCA where we ate lunch after gymnastics- before school.  Today, it started as soon as we woke up and she asked if it was a school day.  By 11 she was a crying mess and even refused to eat lunch "because if I eat lunch then after I will have to go to school.  I don't WANT to go to school!!"  I guess she takes after me in that respect- anxiety about stressful situations before they happen.  Poor kid.  Fortunately, I will pick her up in an hour and she will have had "medium fun" at preschool and we'll be done until Monday morning...

In other news, we've been LOVING the fall weather.  It's so nice to go out in a sweatshirt, or run around outside (not me- MiniM.E... I'm not running anywhere this pregnant!) without getting sweaty.

We've been spending a lot of time at the playground.  I love taking MiniM.E. to any playground, but I feel like playgrounds are definitely a spring and fall activity- it is way too hot to be pushing a kid in a swing in the middle of a sunny summer day.  Plus all the slides get hot, kids get hot, moms get hot, everyone gets cranky...

In the fall I will happily stand and push a swing for hours.  Or watch MiniM.E. fly down slides.  And encourage as much running around as possible!

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