Hello September!

I feel like I just wrote a post about how I couldn't believe it was already August and here we are into September... YIKES! The summer flew by!

The last week of summer was busy...

We kitten-sat:

A BBQ with friends:

Had our last ice cream of the season from Dairy Haus and ate it on our front porch:

Walked around Congress Park:

Spent another morning at Congress Park with friends:

 Visited the playground by our old house:

Went to the fireworks at Lake George:

Over the Labor Day weekend, instead of taking a vacation somewhere, we decided to do a crazy house project and put in some hardwood floors.  Talk about an awesome job to do 8 months pregnant!  It was good to get done before Baby#2 arrives and it looks great, so we're happy.  And since MiniM.E.'s school and activities don't start until next week, we still have one more week of "summer"!

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