Ellms Family Farm

This weekend was the much anticipated opening of Ellms Family Farm.  I'm pretty sure MiniM.E. has been looking forward to the opening of Ellms since it closed last fall.  She talked about it all winter, all spring ("the snow is melting, is Ellms open?"), and all summer.

I think it lived up to her expectations.  As for me, it was a lot more walking up and down hills than I remember, though the last time we were there I was not carrying around a full-term baby, which might have had something to do with my exhaustion and confusion as to why we never had to buy $3 bottles of water last year.

I've already promised her we will go back next weekend.  It was that good.

MiniM.E. had her whole day planned out before we got there: "First I want to do the Moo Choo Train.  Then the bouncing pillow.  The zip line, but I only want to go on the yellow one.  Then the roller coasters..."

We ended up at the zip line first, but only because it was on the way to the Moo Choo and there was no one to drive it yet.  (Did I mention we were the first ones there??)

A quick roller coaster ride for the same reason...

And then the MooChoo.  I was the designated photographer because its a bumpy ride... no need to have a baby in a cow car...

Then the jumping pillow.  MiniM.E. needed Daddy's help last year, but this year she quickly wanted to do it by herself.  All the practicing at gymnastics and on Gram and Grumpy's trampoline paid off!

We met up with some friends since Ellms was the place to be over the weekend, though at a place with so much to offer it's hard to keep three toddlers entertained with the same activity at the same time...
at least we walked together for a bit

MiniM.E. wasn't even ready to leave when it was time to go, but Mommy and Daddy were exhausted. More from Ellms next weekend...

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