Apple Picking: Take 2

A few weeks ago we went apple picking with our friends and had such a good time we decided to go again yesterday. This time we tried Saratoga Apple.  It didn't have the wooden playground or the goats and alpacas that Bowman's has, but surprisingly, the three girls hung in for much longer than expected.  MiniM.E. picked six or seven apples (twice as many as last time!) and the other two girls picked almost whole bags!  The apples were much lower on these trees so the girls could actually pick.  And the branches were so low that the girls were really into "apple houses" and had a great time playing in the trees and making piles of dried grass clippings.

After our apple picking morning, we stopped back at one of our friend's houses for some kitten cuddles.  MiniM.E. loves Pico and has been wanting to see him pretty much every day since we kitten-sat a few weeks ago.  She even picked out a present for him last time we stopped at Petsmart to watch the puppies get hair cuts.  He is a pretty cute kitten.  Here his is playing in the water while the girls washed their hands in the sink.

In other news, MiniM.E. had a SUPER day at preschool today... despite the fact that it was a pretty rough morning full of "please don't make me go"s and "but I just want to stay with Mommy"s.  At least she's doing really well while she's there, and being at preschool has definitely brought her out of her shell a little.  We just have to get over the anxiety of getting there... 

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