Story Land

Last week while in NH we took a day trip with Gram and Auntie Jen to Story Land.  My mom had taken me when I was about MiniM.E.'s age and we have some adorable photos of me looking out of a pumpkin window, sitting with a clown, and riding the swan boats which we thought would be fun to replicate.  Not to mention, MiniM.E. is a demanding charge and having to spend an entire week at home (even if it is Gram's home) with her can be challenging.  A day trip was definitely needed.

Of course like any other amusement park, I was not allowed on many of the rides due to my largely protruding stomach.  Fortunately Gram and Auntie Jen were able to take her on everything she wanted to go on as she wasn't feeling too adventurous (not like the day at Hoffman's where she nearly gave me a heart attack riding the Scrambler!).

First stop was the Cuckoo Clock which would have made Gram sick except that MiniM.E. insisted Auntie Jen keep the cup from spinning.

Then the flying shoes which MiniM.E. was the most excited about because she had seen a photo of me riding in them:

The log flume was a little much for MiniM.E. but with the help of Auntie Jen's extra shirt to keep her dry she made it!

I was allowed on the hot air balloon ferris wheel which I made MiniM.E. go on with me even though she didn't want to because I at least wanted one ride with her:

Then it was up to Cinderella's castle:

Complete with pumpkin coach ride down the hill:

Then it was to the swan boats.  MiniM.E. patiently waited in line for what felt like hours, but enjoyed it so much it was worth it:

We ended our day at a cute fountain where MiniM.E. was so excited that rather than her normal excited -which consists of a half frown and zero acknowledgement of the fun we're having- we got a "I love it here!"  Unfortunately, the fun was short lived as she tripped and skinned her knee.  Being a little drama queen, the rest of the park must have thought she severed an arm and we had to deal with agonizing screams from the fountain to the park exit and from the parking lot to Dairy Queen (ice cream didn't even help) until she fell asleep on the way home.  

The worst part about the skinned knee episode (other than the fact that it continued on into the evening after her nap and even into the next day) was that we never made it to the pumpkin where we wanted the photo of MiniM.E. I guess we'll have to try again next year...

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