Squeezing in More Summer

It's hard to believe it's August already.  I feel like we need to squeeze in as much summer in the next few weeks as we can, especially with MiniM.E. starting preschool in the fall and Baby#2 arriving shortly after.  

But despite my need to cram in tons of summer activities, after all the company we had MiniM.E. was SO worn out and caught a pretty nasty cold.  So Tuesday this was how she spent the day:

Of course, even though she seemed incredibly sick Tuesday, kids bounce back fast, and by Wednesday she was back in action, ready to go.
taking Flowery Dolly on a stroll down Broadway

riding the horse

snack at Starbucks

a carousel ride

with friends

just sitting around at the park

at our "old playground"
 We were out all day running around and playing until almost 4pm.  At which time, of course, she took a much needed nap... and then stayed up way too late!

Yesterday after a very involved play kitchen session, we headed to the beach, but it was one of those days where MiniM.E. needed me most of the time and I took zero beach photos...

When we got home I made up for it by taking a picture of her watching a crazy thunderstorm that popped up.

And today, Happy Friday!  Sadly, MiniM.E.'s cold is mine to deal with now, but we made the most of the gorgeous weather and went blueberry picking (should have been called blueberry eating, for the toddlers).  MiniM.E. was enjoying herself until she realized she wanted a snack other than handfuls of blueberries.  "I wish we could have gone Cheerio picking!"

After the short-lived picking we went a few minutes down the road to Hudson's Crossing Play Garden where there were slides built into the hills, tunnels to explore, stones to jump on, stumps to balance across and lots more to discover in a mostly natural play area.

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