End of Week Visitors

At the end of last week (Thursday-Sunday) we had C. & H. stay with us from NH.  As you probably remember from many of my other posts, H. and MiniM.E. are almost the same age and C. and I were middle school/ high school friends who reconnected when we found out we were both due in the fall of 2011.

We met up at Malta Family Night, which promised pony rides, face painting, bounce houses and free food.  All of which were there, but unfortunately "free" meant hundreds of people and with one face painter, two ponies, two bounce houses, and one grill, EVERYTHING had a line at least half an hour long.  We started with a 45 minute wait for the pony ride, finally suiting up as it was almost our turn:

MiniM.E. was dragged out of the car from a much needed nap which was fantastic as she was really docile while waiting in line for almost an hour, but didn't add up to a very happy kid on a pony:

Can't pass up a good bath time photo:

Friday we went to Moreau Lake for the day:

And finished off the afternoon with some backyard play time:

 Saturday it was off to the sprayground:

And downtown:

Followed by another round of backyard play:

Sunday we just hung around the house and played as C. & H. packed up to leave.  We had a great time with a live in playmate (though by day 4 the kids were at each other's throats!).  Thanks for coming C. & H.!

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