Another Week in NH and a Crazy Project

Last weekend after Bob finished work on Friday we left for a weekend together at my parents in NH.  We had to squeeze in at least one more trip to enjoy the heated pool before the summer came to an end.  It is always relaxing to be at my parents because MiniM.E. is excited to be someplace new and gets at least twice as much attention as usual so Bob and I got a nice break.

squirting everyone

kiddie pool

first towel toga

seal floaty AND flower tube!

ready to jump in


trampoline hair

action shot
So we spent the weekend swimming, trampolining, eating good food and relaxing.  

Probably the most hilarious thing that happened this time we visited my parents was MiniM.E.'s intense desire to pick up my parents 12lb cat.  Honey Bunches is not a cat that likes to be picked up, but for some reason (thank God!) he tolerates MiniM.E. and let her carry him all over the house.  From her room to the kitchen, from my parents' room to outside, from the bathroom to the dining room.  She probably picked him up 20 times a day and each time it was equally as funny.  Maybe she's just training to hold the baby??

Bob had to go back to work Monday but MiniM.E. and I stayed in NH to swim and enjoy the break.  We went to Story Land (see next post) which was a great day trip.  For the rest of our week, I painted "Rapunzel pictures" for MiniM.E.'s room and nursed a sinus infection while MiniM.E. happily played with Gram.

Like every project I take on, the paintings for MiniM.E.'s room took me hours and hours longer than I anticipated.  BUT, I'm using the jungle artwork from her room for the baby's nursery and I didn't feel like I could take MiniM.E.'s artwork away without replacing it with something else homemade.  So if you've ever watched Tangled, here are the two paintings I made inspired by the artwork Rapunzel painted on her walls:

The good news is, unlike other projects I've taken on for MiniM.E., she seems genuinely happy with the paintings and can't wait for me to hang them in her room.  So I guess it was worth it!

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