July in NH

Last time we visited NH the pool was chilly and the weather was cooler, cloudier and rainier.

Fortunately, we are having gorgeous weather this visit.  Hot and sunny.  The pool is warm and we have been spending as much time as possible in the water.

In the morning before it is TOO hot, there's lots of jumping on the trampoline:

And sometimes Dolly needs help jumping:

When it warms up, lots of playing in the pool:

Swinging on the swing set is a nice break:

I'm really happy MiniM.E. likes the water.  I'm pretty sure she could spend nearly all day in a pool.  Which is fortunate for me because being pregnant this time around I will require being immersed in water anytime it is over 80 degrees outside!

The highlight of this trip is the new inflatable water slide Gram and Grumpy bought for their pool.  MiniM.E. LOVES it-- not that I can blame her- I wish I could go on too!! (Actually, the first time she went down we weren't really sure how to use it and she kind of went sideways and insisted she was done and I was a bit worried she meant done for the whole week- but we figured it out!).

Sunday my aunt and uncle visited from CT for a BBQ and Monday we had C & H over to play, but both times I was in and out of the water with MiniM.E. and it's really hard to get photos of your kid in the water when you have to be there making sure she isn't drowning.  

Yesterday we went up to Maine to go to York's Wild Kingdom and the beach.

MiniM.E. remembered riding the camel from last time, and that was our first stop:

We fed the baby goats:

And did the trek around the zoo to see all the other animals.  But even though the forecast said it was only going to be 77 in York it ended up being 86 and humid and we all had enough of being out in the sun around the toasty animals after a couple hours.

Driving home in the AC and relaxing in the pool sounded much more tempting than trucking all our stuff out to the beach and sitting in the hot sun near water too cold to swim in, but MiniM.E. was insistent-- "PLEASE can we go to ocean??" over and over... so we drove to Fort Foster where there was supposed to be a small, less crowded beach.

And there was.  And there was a breeze, and a light haze that kept us from the glaring sun and the water was WARM (for ocean water).  I'm really glad she was so insistent- it would have been a shame to drive all the way up to Maine and not see the ocean.

One more relaxing day in the pool before we head back to NY...

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