Adirondack Animal Land

We've been hearing lots of great things about a zoo not to far from Saratoga, Adirondack Animal Land.  Yesterday we decided to check it out.  It was a great zoo- especially for an 80 degree day since it was all in the shade.  It was really hands on and we got to feed ALL the animals.  The monkeys grabbed cereal out of our hands and all the other animals would eat pellets or crackers out of our hands.  They had monkeys and zebras and wild cats and kangaroos.

MiniM.E. was timid with most of the animals but she couldn't wait to feed the giraffe!
checking out the goats

wait, you want them to eat off my hand? with those teeth??

best part of the day!
 The zoo was a nice paved loop that wandered past all the animal enclosures plus a few picnic spots and a playground (always a hit).

hi cow!

There was a deer enclosure where you could feed and pet 18 deer (I think babies are on the way!).  MiniM.E. braved it and touched a few, but still didn't want to feed them.

 I was pretty excited by this kangaroo mom and her joey that kept popping in and out of her pouch.

Aside from feeding the giraffes, the highlight of the zoo trip was definitely the safari ride that is included in the admission.  You get to ride in a tractor pulled wagon and camels, ostriches, longhorn cattle, pot-bellied pigs and more come right up to the wagon for snacks doled out by the announcer.  This camel was literally IN the wagon:

MiniM.E. had a great time, though I think Bob and I and our friend Ray probably enjoyed ourselves even more than she did.  Definitely another place worth a repeat visit!

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