We're Really Moving!

We bought a house!  Did I write about that before??  I must have... but I have to say, mommy-brain + pregnancy-brain = remembering absolutely nothing... from "who did I have to call today??" to "wait, did we have an appointment or something we were supposed to be at??" to "why am I standing in front of the open fridge???"

And we are closed a little over a week ago and have been bringing boxes and boxes over to the new house.  Any free moment I've had in the past few weeks has been spent on something move related.  

We've moved once a year since we were in college up until we bought the house we still live in when we moved to the Saratoga area, so you'd think I'd be an old pro at this by now, but throw a two-year-old into the picture and everything takes 17 times as long.  Not to mention that my packing escapades are interrupted by trips to the playground, playdates and snack times!

But, enough about the move since I'm sure it will dominate any post I find time for in the next month or so....

Here's what's happened since Easter:

MiniM.E.'s friend H. had been in Japan for almost a month.  As a coming home celebration, we had a combo Happy Easter/ Happy 3rd Birthday Easter Egg Hunt and Party.

We have been enjoying the spring weather at lots of playgrounds:

MiniM.E. finally got the scooter she's been asking for for months (even though its a beat up old Spider Man scooter we got for a few bucks at a consignment sale).

And we've made lots of trips to the new house-- MiniM.E. is really excited about moving, probably because the new house has a great playset.

 MiniM.E. is also pretty excited about the new couch.

Even though she's excited to be moving, there are still a few breakdowns about packing her things or not wanting to leave the old house... but most things can be forgotten with the help of a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles.
watching the cars at DD
MiniM.E. is probably the MOST excited about bringing the kitties to the new house.  
"helping" to pack the kitty things
And yesterday we spent some time at the playground with MiniM.E.'s best friend, E.

More later once we've made the transition to the new house.  It's going to be a CRAZY weekend!!

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