We're Here!

We've been living in the new house for almost two weeks now, and I have to say I can't believe that its ONLY been that long.  Seems like months even though we still have a few boxes to unpack and a few projects to tackle.  Overall, it's been a pretty smooth transition- MiniM.E. has been extra temperamental with the stress of the change, but she seems to be happy overall.  The kitties are doing great and love the new house for all it's sunny spots and two staircases!  Bob and I are adjusting but it has been a crazy month or so and I'm definitely feeling the effects of all the stress now...

Packing up for the new house... not so exciting

MiniM.E.'s favorite part of moving: bringing the kitties

Kitties: timid at first and hiding in a closet

MiniM.E.: not so timid and drawing on new easel

Kitty: enjoying a sunny spot

Kitty: didn't take long to feel at home!
Even though things are a little different, MiniM.E. is finding ways to make herself at home.
new breakfast spot
new bath spot

The nice thing about this move is that we are still in the same area and we still get to see our friends and do all of our favorite things.

We took breaks from projects and unpacking to see the ducks:

 and have ice cream at the Dairy Haus:

 Congress Park:

the baby ducks are out!

Playdate with friends:

More Congress Park:

practicing gymnastics
At the playground with H.

When we are too busy to make it out, the best part of the new house is the play structure in the backyard.  It's big enough that MiniM.E. calls it a playground!

And Wednesday was SO hot that we took out the kiddie pool!  

We still have unpacking to do, pictures to hang and projects to tackle, but we're very happy in our new home.  MiniM.E. still asks about the old house a lot, but I think she's happy to be here.  

Now, if you'll excuse me, my kid is sleeping... and instead of unpacking those last couple boxes or starting a project or hanging those pictures in the bathroom, I'm going to sit down for a couple minutes!!

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