Our Weekend in Photos

Saturday we took advantage of the spring weather (Hello, low 40's!!) and drove up to Corinth to take part in the Maple Open House Weekend at Maple Valley Farm.

Despite the oodles of mud and melting snow, it was a nice activity to get us out of the house.  We were a little disappointed with the bee exhibit (the only thing MiniM.E. was excited about- seeing real bees!), which ended up being a few poster boards about bees.  The kids' play area also left a lot to be desired- it was just a few upturned milk crates, a video and a few blocks.  

Fortunately the food was good (none of us had pancakes but I had a fantastic maple cinnamon bun!) and they had a hayride that MiniM.E. loved, a pony ride and some goats to pet.

We also toured the Sugar Shack, but the process of making maple syrup is not so exciting for a two-year-old.

pretzel on a hayride!

pony ride

watching the goats

hayride #2!
It was nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air.  We spent the afternoon downtown taking in more spring weather.

I can't say anything for Sunday because I couldn't keep anything down and spent most of the day in bed.

So I'm calling yesterday another weekend day... just because weekends are better than weekdays!

MiniM.E. and I grew some beans last week.  Need an activity to do with your kids (or by yourself? because seriously, I think I am more excited about it than MiniM.E.)?? Grow some beans.  Most. Rewarding. Project. Ever.

This plant grew in 5 days.  And we saw roots sprouting after just one!
so proud!
our little plant today
Yesterday the spring weather came back (after a day of rain and temps in the low 30s yesterday) and it was sunny (windy) and in the mid 40's!  MiniM.E. and I walked over to the playground down the street.  Despite more muck and guck and giant puddles, we had a great time.

Maybe it really IS spring now.

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