Easter Weekend... A Week Late...

We spent Easter Weekend at my parents in NH.  It was a nice break from all the craziness here in NY and MiniM.E. had a blast.

The weekend BEFORE Easter, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt in Malta... but somehow the photos never made it to the computer, so a quick flashback...

MiniM.E. and my parents (especially Gram) are inseparable... so when we're there I usually feel like I have few photo opportunities.  I expected to come home with nothing but this photo to show for our trip:
MiniM.E. got some bandages from Dr. Gram
But this time around we did lots of fun things as a family and there was plenty of time to spend with MiniM.E.

The first day we were there, we drove down to IKEA (not so fun for MiniM.E.) and stopped at the Boston Aquarium on the way back (VERY fun for MiniM.E.)
watching the seals

 We gave Gram a break (to work on Easter dinner...) and took a Mommy-Daughter trip to the Monkey Around Playground:

And Daddy met us for the weekend and we met up with C. & H. at the NH Wild day where there were lots of wild animals, and MiniM.E.'s favorite activity, fly fishing!

By far, the best part of the weekend was when Daddy and Grumpy put up the trampoline...

Sunday morning we went to church, dressed in our Easter best (after a 30 minute tantrum).
van photo-- I was worried the dress would come off RIGHT AFTER church 
sunny yard photo!

jumping "like a jelly-fish"!

After church, we opened the Easter Basket:

visited Auntie Jen's condo to see her puppy and her kitty:

and had yet another Easter Egg Hunt:

Thanks for having us Gram & Grumpy!  We had a great weekend!!

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