Where Have We Been? (Part 2)

Every few days the past couple weeks we've gotten a teaser of spring.  A day in the 40s or 50s.  But so far each nice day has been followed by days of snow or freezing temps or a morning of snow and sleet (like today).  I think I've been saying this for months, but we are SO DONE WITH WINTER.  Come on spring!!!

We have utterly exhausted all indoor activities for toddlers in the Saratoga area.  MiniM.E. has also lost interest in the majority of toys we have for her to play with inside.  Of course, the few things that I cannot stand playing with still make a daily appearance (oh, inventor of play doh accessories: why make things kids can't use by themselves?)

In addition to our cabin fever, I have reinstated the NAP.  Most days this is achieved by conveniently being in the car around 2pm.  Other days I throw in a DVD from the library on repeat and make MiniM.E. lie on the couch with me until she falls asleep from boredom.  This has its benefits and drawbacks.  Benefit: I get a nap.  Drawback: MiniM.E. is up until all hours of the night.  Conclusion: She will play with Daddy in the evening- NAP WINS!!

I have NOT been good at planning fun seasonal art projects.  I have NOT been good at finding fun new activities to keep her entertained during the day.  Most days I try to keep us busy out of the house in the morning and muddle through the afternoon.

We have been spending a lot of time out with friends.

This has NOT been a good month for feeling like Mom-of-the-Year.  Forced naptime.  Unhealthy diet (hello sharing-sized boxes of cheddar bunnies and mac and cheese).  No fun projects or activities.
lots of "quiet time activities"

BUT, I have an excuse.

Lazyness + naps + diet of unhealthy junk food like Pop-Tarts + going to sleep as soon as MiniM.E. is out + no photos and blog posts can only mean one thing...

MiniM.E. is going to be a big sister!!  We are beyond thrilled (though my level of excitedness will increase dramatically when the first trimester symptoms fade).  MiniM.E. can hardly contain herself- I am 100% sure she is the most excited of the three of us.  She is constantly referring to the baby as "her baby" and has already declared it a brother.  Despite her excitement, she refuses to make me a cute Baby#2 is on the way announcement video or even let me take a photo of her with an ultrasound picture.  Oh well...

Crazily, Baby#2 has the same due date as MiniM.E. so she's getting just what she wanted for her birthday.

We're past week 12 and I was hoping to be gleefully entering the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. Instead I'm still nauseated, starving, cursing heartburn, rocking the stretchy maternity pants over my Pop-Tart-Bump and counting minutes until I can fall into bed at night.

It's all okay though because I'm growing another itty bitty awesome human.  MiniM.E. will totally understand when she looks back at the start of 2014 and there are only seven photos of her, right?


Our Week In Photos

pretend clipping toenails with Daddy

kitty cuddles 

breakfast with friends

bouncing with friends


making Mommy eggs


a walk in Congress Park

puddle jumping

and splashing

watching the ducks

feeding the ducks

first backyard swing of the year

first bonfire of the season 

with Daddy