Oh, Winter...

Seriously?  For one, this is too much snow.  I mean, I love snow, and MiniM.E. is pretty into sledding this year, but bring on spring.  I could use some playground weather.  Or at least puddle jumping...

It's snowing now AGAIN.  And we're in for a foot or so... exciting to watch, but not so exciting when it means being stuck inside with your antsy toddler.

And secondly, give my kid a break!  She gets over the flu, has a week of feeling good and you give her the stomach bug....

At least we had a good few days of fun in the middle.  And she's finally returning to her normal self after a rough day of throwing up last weekend.

We tried out open gymnastics at the YMCA at the beginning of the week:

And went sledding with friends yesterday:

We made a bunch of Valentine's Crafts while Molly wasn't feeling well, but I am not cut out to be a craft blogger and as much as I thought I would photograph the materials, process and finished products, I have nothing to show for the time we spent.  Oh well... we had a good time!

Happy Early Valentine's Day!!

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