New Hampshire & Ski Trip #2

This week is school vacation in NY and all our activities were cancelled for the week so it was the perfect time to visit Gram & Grumpy in NH.  We haven't been to NH since Christmas and MiniM.E. has been asking about it for weeks.

Coming to my parents is always a nice break for me because while we are here MiniM.E. wants absolutely nothing to do with me.  Half the time I am not even allowed to be in the room ("I don't WANT Mommy in here!!!").  I'd say I was sad about that but that would be an outright lie.  I love MiniM.E. to pieces but sometimes I just need the break.

So, instead of having tons of photos of MiniM.E. playing here, I have um... one?  I mean, it's awfully hard to take photos of your daughter if you aren't allowed in the room...
MiniM.E. at the dinner table

Today though, instead of playing at home, we took MiniM.E. to Pat's Peak to go skiing on the bunny slope.  

Dancing in the van
Ready to go!

Her second time on skis she did a lot better keeping her balance and standing on her own.  It was a little more short lived than our first skiing adventure- we only made it up and down twice.

The best part of the day for MiniM.E. was sitting in the lodge by the fire and eating this big cookie... In fact, before we even got the skis on she started saying, "I'm so chilly, I want to go in and sit by the fire and eat a cookie."

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