Is It Still Winter?!?!?

MiniM.E. has been constantly saying, "Mommy, I'm tired of the snow," "Mommy, I'm tired of the cold," "Mommy, is spring tomorrow?"

I totally feel the same way.  This has been a long cold winter and MiniM.E. and I are ready for some sun and warm weather.

We've been getting back into the routine since coming back from NH and have been trying to keep busy.  Our week so far:

Cakepop at Starbucks

Throwing rocks in "the stream"

Pedicure turned nap 

Finger painting 

the mall

"Big" carousel at the mall 
little carousel at the mall

at the TreePaad
collecting balls for the ball cannon

On the agenda for this weekend: baking a cake for Mommy's birthday.  MiniM.E. has been talking about it all week.  In case you were wondering, it will be chocolate with "bannilla" frosting and lots of sprinkles, per MiniM.E.'s request.

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