So Far, 2014...

I am not a fan...

So far, we all got sick.  So far, we are all still coughing and Mommy- despite her job requiring full days complete with toddler activities, multiple toddler snack preparations, chasing, carrying, princess castles, playing doctor, grocery shopping, errands, baking at request of toddler, preparing meals for the whole family, bath time, story time, bedtime and sit-by-the-bed-until-someone-falls-asleep-time- is still not feeling that great.

Thank you, at least, for not being the year of zero naps (she is napping now).

We have had some fun in the past couple weeks: sledding, meeting a new baby, a 2nd birthday party, and lots of toddler outings.  But it has also been either -13 degrees or miserably chilly and rainy for the better part of the last two weeks.  Pair that with not feeling well, and we've had a LOOOOOOONG two weeks of playing inside.

I don't have photos.  So far 2014 has been relatively photo-less.  But really, the dreary weather makes for unappealing indoor photos.  And even if the sun is out, I feel less apt to pull out the camera to take spontaneous photos of MiniM.E. if her nose is running into her mouth or her finger is stuck up it....

BUT, I have to say, MiniM.E. has been a trooper.  We've had days where I was thinking of bedtime at 9:30am... but she has been, for the most part, content.  And of course adorable.  And the things that come out of her mouth never cease to put a smile on my face.

This morning, Bob is drinking his coffee, MiniM.E. wants to play doctor and she has Chicka Chicka Boom Boom playing on the TV.

"Daddy, come play doctor with me!"

Daddy: "MiniM.E., come sit and eat your breakfast and watch your show.  Daddy has to finish his coffee first."

"It's okay Daddy," (pulling on arm) "you can come slowly (which means carefully) with your coffee over here to play doctor.  Then after we doctor dolly you can come back here and watch your show."

(MiniM.E. won, Daddy played doctor.  How can you say no to that?)

Today we were driving to gymnastics and passed Wal-Mart.  I said, "Almost there, it's just past Wal-Mart."

"Wal-Mart?  Is that the Wal-Mart there?  Is that where walruses live?"

I told her she was being silly, walruses don't live at Wal-Mart.

"Toy walruses, Mommy."

So that has been our 2014 so far.  It's got to get better from here!  Just wanted to post something... even if it is photo-less...


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Bring on the Snow!!

Here we are in 2014.  It's been a blur of a couple years... I never believed people who said once they had kids the time just flew by, but here we are with a two-year-old and many times it seems like we brought her home from the hospital weeks ago.  I won't recap AGAIN all the changes that's meant for us over the past two years, but it's been CRAZY and AMAZING.  I can't wait for what this year brings- I am pretty excited... even though I have no idea what to expect.  I can probably say we will stay here in Saratoga, probably in our same house and I can definitely say we won't be getting a dog this year.  Other than that, it's all up in the air.

Anyway... back to a few weeks ago when Christmas was still something we were looking forward to...

We went to NH Christmas Eve, arrived in time for the early evening mass at church (where MiniM.E. was great despite asking repeatedly if it was over starting after the pre-mass choir), ate tons of delicious food including a super fancy cheesecake from our neighbor, woke up at a reasonable hour Christmas morning and opened a slew of presents (most of which MiniM.E. opened halfway, just to see what things were, and immediately moved on to the next present).

The hilarious event of the day was right after the most exciting event of the day (where MiniM.E. got the puppy in a bag she asked Santa for): Dolly also asked Santa for a present, a giant stuffed horse from Hannaford.  Santa came through and the stuffed horse sat "hidden" on the bouncing rocking horse.  To make sure MiniM.E. saw it, we said, "Look MiniM.E.! Santa brought the stuffed horse for Dolly!! Do you want us to take it down so you can play with it??"  MiniM.E. glared at us and said, almost as if annoyed, "No! That's Dolly's horse."  She hasn't touched it yet.

We had a fantastic prime rib dinner.  MiniM.E. woke up in the night screaming because it wasn't Christmas anymore, and we spent the rest of our NH vacation playing with new toys and visiting with family.  We saw H. & C. on Thursday, my aunt and uncle on Friday, went down to CT to see my other aunt and uncle, their two kids and my grand-cousin(?) Saturday and drove home Sunday.

Here's our week in photos.

what? we aren't leaving til tomorrow??? 
all dressed up for church 

traditional Christmas Eve present
(pajamas she wouldn't wear)
Christmas Eve present #2
so excited Santa brought a puppy in a bag!
mini xylophone was a huge hit
and opening... 
and opening... 
and opening... 
Honey Bunches loved the paper.
modeling her new slippers.  she will only wear them nude.
family photo 
Happy Birthday Baby Jesus cake
festive hat
presents with H.

snow angel! 
playing with SÅND

Baby L. in CT
testing out the baby toys
petting the bunny with Uncle Mark
our family photo
I would love to say that we had an eventful night New Year's Eve, went to First Night and stayed out to see fireworks, but we just walked to a neighbor's for a few drinks, MiniM.E. was done after an hour or so, we came home, put her to bed, watched a TV show and went to bed by 10.  Happy New Year!!

And now here we are on day 2 of 2014 watching the snow fall softly outside.  Keep warm!