It's been a long time since we've had snow on Christmas.  Over the past week we've gotten almost a foot and a half.  (It's supposed to rain here tomorrow and Sunday, so maybe Saratoga won't have a white Christmas, but we're hoping some of the snow sticks in NH!)

MiniM.E. has been asking to go sledding since September so she was especially excited about all the snow.

She has her very own snow shovel and surprisingly made a path all the way from the front door to here:

She also really enjoys pulling the sled.  (More than riding it?  Possibly.)

Our first downhill sledding of the year was Sunday after the big storm. We went to Saratoga State Park to the smallest of hills, perfect for nervous toddlers that "don't want to go really fast".
all geared up

eating snow

Then yesterday we took advantage of the fresh layer of powder that fell Tuesday and went sledding at H. and her mom's house.

snow angel!

trying to get three kids to sit together, nearly impossible.

with smiles!!!
Hoping to get out once more today before the rain melts it or turns it into an icy mess.  And looking forward to lots more snow and sledding for the rest of the winter.

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