Polar Express

Last night we went on the Saratoga Polar Express.  MiniM.E. was so excited to go on the train ride!  (Not as excited about Santa, or the Polar Express part, seeing as how we neither read the book or watched the movie...).  She got TWO new pairs of pajamas to wear as an early Christmas present.  We put them both on, dressed Dolly in her PJs too, and we were ready to go!

The kids.  MiniM.E. was not as excited at this point...

But she soon got over it and was hamming it up for the camera.

It was a really cute trip to the "North Pole."  All the kids on board were in their pajamas.  Chefs served us hot chocolate and cookies and they read Polar Express over the loudspeaker and showed the pictures.  Unfortunately, we were at the back of our car and couldn't really hear anything, but the kids didn't seem to notice.
We finally got to the North Pole and saw elves in workshops in lit up buildings out the window.  And Santa and some more elves were waiting to board the train!

While we patiently waited for Santa to get to our car, the conductor came around and let us try on his hat.

When Santa finally arrived, MiniM.E. and her two friends were SO EXCITED to see him, but as he got closer, Baby E. went in hysterics.  MiniM.E. would only get this close.  And S. didn't seem to mind being next to Santa because he was focusing on jingling his bell.

MiniM.E. LOVED her bell.  And has been jingling it almost non-stop since it arrived back at our house.  Thanks Santa!

If you are in the Saratoga area, definitely a worthwhile Holiday Activity!!

MiniM.E. is so excited about Christmas.  Every time she sees a wrapped present she asks, "Is that for me?" and whenever we're out and she sees something she likes she says, "I'm going to ask Santa to buy this for me!"  She has watched A Charlie Brown Christmas about 100 times in the past week and now knows Jingle Bells and can usually tell if its a Christmas song on the radio.  She will also happily greet anyone with a, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Having a two year old at Christmastime is too much fun!

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