Happy Thanksgiving!

Only a week and a half late…

For Thanksgiving this year, we flew to NC to see Meamaw and Grandpa (and Uncle Billy).

The day before we left, we got our first snow of the season, and MiniM.E. had a blast testing out the sled we bought when we lived in Germany.

Then early Wednesday morning we flew to NC.  MiniM.E. did really well on the plane despite the turbulence (she definitely turned a little green!).

When we arrived at Meamaw and Grandpa's house, MiniM.E. was excited to see that Santa came early so she would have presents to play with.

We had a relaxing time while we were there.  We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner (that MiniM.E. slept through…). Unfortunately, I got a stomach bug (probably from the airport) on Friday, so I have no clue what happened that whole day- MiniM.E. was such a trooper though!
playing in Daddy's old blocks

on the pier


teaching Dolly to play piano

getting some exercise

with Dolly

Fortunately, by Saturday I was feeling much better and we went to Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach to meet up with our friends from college who also have a toddler almost MiniM.E.'s age.  MiniM.E. had a blast.  She didn't really remember E. very well, and trying to herd two two-year-olds through an aquarium and try to keep them interested in the same thing was impossible, so I never got a photo of them together :(.

Saturday evening we had mini-Christmas…

And then Sunday it was time to come home.

Until next time, North Carolina!

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