So This Is Having a Two Year Old...

Yes... it happened.  I forgot I had a blog.  I mean, I'm sure in the back of my head I still remembered it was there, but in the past two weeks I really have just been so preoccupied, the thought of "blog" never even came close to crossing my mind.

I didn't know it was possible to feel any more preoccupied and busy as the first weeks of MiniM.E.'s life.  And then as each week went on, I realized it only keeps getting busier and MiniM.E. is so darned adorable and sweet and cute (and sometimes demanding and trying), that I have time for less and less and I even have less time to THINK.  And now, we are on the other side of napping (most days)... which leaves, you guessed it, even less time.

So, my apologies, my few loyal readers, for not posting and for forgetting.  I even forgot to take pictures...

But here's the past few weeks in a few photos:

We went to a bounce house:

the playground:

MiniM.E. painted:

did yoga with a friend:

I made a cake for a friend's little boy's 1st birthday:

MiniM.E. played at the party:

She put on every hair bow we have:

and learned to draw people:

 and tried watercolor for the first time:

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