Happy Octoberfest?

We spent the first Sunday in NOVEMBER at an OCTOBERfest.  Hmmm... 

When we lived in Germany we always thought it was odd that Octoberfest was in September (though actually, it is always the last Sunday in September through the first Sunday in October.  But our November Octoberfest was unheard of.  Though we had tons of fun, regardless of the month.

It was held at Pat's Peak ski area about half an hour from my parents.  Despite the lovely weather the first half of the weekend, Sunday was extremely chilly.  And we were on a mountain.  So I dare say, it was cold.  But we dressed in layers and made the most of it.

Lots of German music, food and beer.  

dancing to the band

does a giant cookie count as German food?

Daddy in a stein-holding competition

clearly, the best part was this puppy
They also held a ski and skate sale, and despite Daddy desperately wanting MiniM.E. to snowboard, there were no snowboards mini enough.  We did get her these, though.  Bring on the snow!

The rest of our time in NH we just relaxed... 

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