Welcome to Two

Here we are in the "Terrible Twos".  I have to say, it's not anything new, but MiniM.E. is a practiced tantrum artist; she began throwing tantrums about 6 months ago.  She's not the "Throw Myself On The Floor" kid or the "Beat My Fists Until They Bleed" kid.  She's just a screamer.  Horrific blood curdling cries complete with tears and all.  The unending screams for things I can't understand through the sobs.  Or things I can understand but just can't fix: "No Mommy! Put the banana back in the peel!!"

I love her dearly, but sometimes, the days filled of tantrums make me yearn for bedtime at 10am.

Fortunately, like all toddlers, she has an angelic side to counteract the evil-tantrum side.  And I think I've paid my Terrible-Twos-Dues because though she still cries about getting dressed every morning, and we have the occasional melt down over the wrong cup or milk instead of juice or a cracker that's broken, our days have been much smoother lately... The sweet little girl has been shining through much more often.

Like earlier this week when I went to a doctor's appointment- when I came home MiniM.E. sweetly said "Hi Mommy, how was the doctor? I'm so proud of you."  Or when she politely asks our friends, "Would you like to come to the playground too?"  Or today when Grumpy was talking about foods he liked and said he liked Hershey's Kisses, to which MiniM.E. replied, "I like hugs."  There are lots of spontaneous hugs and requests for cuddles.

Not that we don't still have "those days"... I just have to try to remember how sweet she usually is on the days I'm ready to throw in the towel before we've even finished breakfast.

Here's what we've been up to since Two.

playground with friends:

Raking a bajillion leaves:

playing in the yard:

A visit to Congress Park for the last carousel ride of the year:

A late-night hayride:

More Ellm's:

a late-night trip to the mall:

A playgroup birthday:

The playground:

Sunnyside Gardens with Baby E.:

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