A Weekend With Meamaw and Grandpa

Last weekend Meamaw and Grandpa came to visit all the way from North Carolina!  It's been a while since we've seen them, I think since before MiniM.E. could walk, so we were pretty excited they were going to get to see her again!

Of course, while they were here, we had to do the typically Saratoga-y things that MiniM.E. loves like ride the carousel:

seriously, she looks miserable here, but the "sleigh" is her new favorite thing
 feed the ducks

Sit on the steps at the History Museum (?)

with Meamaw
 And throw gravel in the fountain

Bob and his parents also made it to the track, but I was home nap-sitting, so no photos :(

Meamaw and Grandpa also brought MiniM.E. a piggy bank which she lovingly carried everywhere, cuddled in blankets, fed milk to, dropped lots of change in, and called "a cow" or something "kind of like a goat".
playing with Grandpa
Friday morning while Meamaw and Grandpa caught up with their friends, we played in the yard and went to a playground.

Then Friday night we all went to the Saratoga Winery, which, if you live around here and haven't been to, is awesome.  Definitely child-friendly with a great deck and patio and live music and food on Fridays.
playing while waiting for dinner

 Saturday we spent the morning at Lake Moreau, our favorite swimming spot for the sand and warm water.

And Sunday we made it to brunch at the Iron Roost for brunch.  Despite a 45 minute wait for a table, MiniM.E. was well behaved and we all got to have some great food.

The rest of the day was rainy, so we took a quick trip over to Meamaw and Grandpa's hotel to swim in the pool.  MiniM.E. had a blast and we kept busy until dinner.  They must have worn her out because she went to bed early and we said goodbye until Thanksgiving.  

Thanks for coming Meamaw and Grandpa!

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