Happy 4th of July!

Late, of course.  Hope everyone had a great time.  We ate burgers and went to sleep...

And, I did it again.  We went on a vacation and I didn't even post about the things we did BEFORE the vacation... such is summer.

Here's a recap.

We finally filled up our sandbox, and MiniM.E. would probably stay in it all day if we let her.  Not sure how I feel about so much sand on my child.  And in my house.  And in her bed...

sharing with Baby E. 

and Baby O.
 We spent a lot of time in the yard.

And went to the playground.

MiniM.E. decided she likes to get her face painted.  It would be a lot easier if she stood still, didn't grab the brush, and didn't continuously touch her face while the paint was still wet...

We went to the Peerless Pool at the State Park.  MiniM.E. was adorable in the water, but I had to be in too, so no photos :(

And we had a relaxing afternoon at Congress Park.

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