C & H in Saratoga in July

Last weekend C & H drove over from NH to spend a long weekend with us.  Unfortunately, C. is working this summer (summer school...) and didn't have a whole week to spare, but at least we squeezed in a weekend so they could do some of the things they just missed when they came in the spring.

Seems like every time we get together I take fewer and fewer pictures... I suppose it's because every time we are together are kids are running faster and faster... and are hardly ever in the same location-- even when they are, they are rarely still enough for photos...

We spent a lot of naked time in the yard:

And enjoyed time wearing clothes too:

We treated ourselves to a special treat at Stewart's:

We drove to Moreau Lake (no photos from the lake though... two kids + water was too much for a camera!)

The kids were happy just sitting around:

Or going grocery shopping:

We went to the playground at the Spa Park (and the pool, but again, my hands were busy keeping our kids from drowning):

We had to make a visit to Congress Park:

And you can't come to Saratoga in Racing Season without going to the track, so we did our first Race Track Breakfast of the year!

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