York, Maine

Last Tuesday while we were visiting my mom in NH we took a day trip to York, Maine.

It was a trying car ride as an accident detour added an extra 45 minutes to our trip, but once we were there, MiniM.E. had a blast.

We started out at York Animal Kingdom, which is a really cute zoo.  (It's also an amusement park but fortunately since it was off season and a weekday it wasn't open so no distraction there!)

We did get distracted by the camel at the entrance.  So distracted, in fact, that we had to shell out $10 to take a camel ride.  It was so worth it.  MiniM.E. is still talking about riding the camel.

doesn't s/he look fuzzy?

We fed the goats.  And hoped to see a pregnant goat have a kid... but it didn't happen.  There were a bazillion baby goats though- they were really cute.

In the petting zoo:

In the deer petting zoo:

Watching the fennec foxes and the lions:

Then, even though it was already past MiniM.E.'s nap time and because we promised her on the way, we went to the beach.  (A plus for us, we got salt water taffy!)  It was too windy and cold for swimming, but we got our toes wet.

We wore her out!

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