The Second Week In June

Clever title.  I know... But seriously, remember when I wrote about having less blogging time because now I have chores to do?  I obviously hadn't anticipated the time commitment that is vacuuming the "outside" my toddler brings inside EVERY TIME we go out, or the hanging of the bathing suits and towels or the refilling and cleaning of the kiddie pools (yes, that's poolS- 3 of them) or the lack of time due to decreasing or non-existent napping.  So the chores aren't getting done either.  DO NOT go into the master bathroom...

The above paragraph is the most I anticipate writing for a while.  Maybe in the fall things will slow down.  Until then, more of our summer fun in photographs:

A bike ride in the Burley:

to a playground:

A carousel ride at the park:

An afternoon at the beach:

A play date at Gavin Park:

An afternoon at Congress Park:

And a new playground in Luther Forest:

**Saturday Bob and I went to the Saratoga Brewfest, which was amazing.  Sunday, of course, was Father's Day.  Happy Father's Day to my dad and MiniM.E.'s dad.  You are both wonderful fathers!

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