It's Been A While...

and we've been busy.  Having a toddler in the summertime means spending the majority of our time outside.  And since we're not inside playing and I can't just fold a load of laundry real quick while playing tea party or straighten the kitchen while MiniM.E. is in the rice bin (added to the fact that we've been bringing a lot of the outside inside with us), my nap time is most often spent doing chores rather than working on blog posts.

And last week we spent the week in NH (but more on that in another post).

Here's what we were up to before last Monday...

Playground at 7:30am.  Awesome...

Prepping the kiddie pool before playgroup:

Backyard with friends:

Baby O. stopped by for a while before Saratoga's Family Night:

More early morning playground on a Sunday:

And MiniMonkey took his first swim in the pool:


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