The Boston Aquarium

Day 4 of NH fun was actually a day of Massachusetts fun as we made the hour and fifteen minute drive down to Boston to go to the Aquarium.  Bob has been wanting to take MiniM.E. since before she could walk!

Hi, penguin!

Hi, seals!

We took a mid-day break to go to a fountain so MiniM.E. could play and walk around Quincy Market. She hated the fountain and wasn't keen on Quincy Market, especially when we stopped to watch some street performers.  She did like the pizza we got for lunch, and had a great time hugging trees and playing in some mulch.

Back at the Aquarium with some food in her belly, MiniM.E. braved the cold waters of the touch tank and actually touched some starfish!

Oh yeah, and while we were in NH I bought MiniM.E. a helmet for her push bike.  Cute!!

A Day with MiniM.E.'s Boyfriend

Day 4 of NH fun was a visit to Liquid Planet, a toddler friendly waterpark with a huge spray ground! rescheduled as the waterpark, which offered wet and wild fun for kids during the summer WASN'T OPEN YET.   So we planned a day with C. & H.  I think MiniM.E. had a better time hanging around in Concord than she would have at a waterpark anyway.

At White's Park Monkey Around Playground:

And wading pool:


Relaxing by the pool:

And playing with toys, hugging and eating snacks:

Good to see you C. & H.!  Come visit us soon!
Day 3 of NH fun was a trip to Wellington State Park where we went to a beach on Newfound Lake.  

The Friendly Farm

Day 2 of NH fun was a trip to the Friendly Farm.  My mom took me there as a child (probably about MiniM.E.'s age) and said it was fantastic (I didn't really remember).  She was right!  It was definitely the highlight of our trip as it was totally age appropriate and interactive.

Hi, baby goats!

too much baby goats... GET ME OUT!

Hi, baby chick! 

Hi, cow!

Hi, llama!

This tractor was previously occupied by two chickens.  Seriously.

Hi, bunny!

Feeding a one-month-old calf

Feeding a baby goat requires intense concentration!

The Friendly Farm will have to become a yearly trip!