Waiting for the Carousel

MiniM.E. is in love with the carousel.  I'm not talking something she just likes a lot, or a good distraction when we're not sure what to do.  She LOVES it.  She talks about it all day.  She mumbles about it when she's falling asleep.  She demands to go to it whenever we get in the car.

So though we've only been four times so far this summer, I've already spent enough on the carousel to buy a nice pair of jeans... the things you sacrifice for your children.

Today is Monday.  And just like last Monday, MiniM.E. was spoiled from a weekend of extra excitement with Daddy (did I mention we're building a swingset??) and carousel rides, so of course, when I give her a rundown of our day, she looks as though she's pondering our activities and then responds firmly, "go carousel."

And I had to explain, just like last week, that the carousel isn't open until Friday after nap, but as soon as Friday after nap comes, we'll go.  And I'm going to assume, following last week's pattern, that every day this week she will resolutely state that we must "go carousel."

Luckily for us (though not so fortunate for my wallet), at the end of next month the carousel is open daily.  I guess I'll enjoy a few more weeks of being able to get an afternoon coffee before I feed my coffee money to the horses every day...

It's worth it.

Buying tokens

Contemplating the fact that she doesn't have money for tokens (fortunately, Mommy does)

Second to riding is getting a sticker every time.  Prime placement...

In other news...

There is a new playground at the Spa Park.  Not very toddler appropriate.  We still like the old one better.

Daddy ran the Workforce Challenge in Albany and we went out to watch.

And MiniM.E. got to pet her first python.  Cool!  She did not want to wear it as a necklace though...
"really, touch it?"


"wait... did you know that the snake is MOVING?!"

"you want me to WHAT?!!" 

"okay... one kiss..."

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