The First May Weekend

Last weekend the weather was gorgeous! My parents, aunt and uncle and cousin (who's expecting in August!) came to visit and we had a backyard BBQ.
just chilling with Grumpy
Sunday we spent most of the day downtown.  It was the first weekend the carousel was open and MiniM.E. was ecstatic (as she'd been waiting patiently for the horses to be "done sleeping" for the winter since mid-November).  We arrived just a bit early for riding the carousel, so we had to entertain ourselves in the park.

sizing up the ducks

calling the ducks

petting the dog statue

hugging the dog statue

kissing the dog statue

riding the dog statue

just chilling with Gram
When it was finally time to get on, MiniM.E. (though she didn't look it) was thrilled and we had to pull her off after each ride.  She went three times before we bribed her to leave with ice cream.
with Daddy

with Gram

alone!! (just kidding, Daddy's just hiding)

with a Daddy and H. and her daddy

Our playgroup families thought it was a great Sunday for riding the carousel and eating ice cream too!

Daddies and daughters

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