The Baby Ducks are Out!

I think I'm much more excited than MiniM.E. about the appearance of ducklings at Congress Park, but she likes to go and play in the fountain and ride the sidewalk curb like a pony and seems generally happy while walking through the park, so I don't feel too bad indulging in my duckling-addiction.

Yay! Baby Ducks!! Aren't they cute??!?!?
In actuality, MiniM.E. isn't really into the baby ducks at all.  They don't eat cheerios and they're really skittish.  So this is what she's been up to at Congress Park instead.
jumping on the curb....

sitting on the curb... 

and sticking her head in the fountain.  (Who thought this fountain in a park was a good idea?  Obviously not a parent with a young child!)
In other news, it was a rainy couple days at the end of last week and then a rainy weekend.  Here's what we did inside:
indoor train at the Aviation Mall 

painting.  everything.  
Fortunately the weather cleared up for a Memorial Day BBQ on Monday.
MiniM.E. as the welcoming committee

examining the lawn

don't even ask

minutes later the bowl was tipped over and she was on the floor

all the babies loved the beer bottles.  who needs toys??

We've been to the Spa State Park a lot recently because I'm trying to run again in an effort to walk without jiggling everywhere.  MiniM.E. isn't really a fan of the jogging stroller, but I've been adding in activities at the park she really likes.
walking to the playground

playing in the spring

more spring 
watching the geyser

In the photos above with MiniM.E. playing in the spring (which, if you didn't know, produces fantastic water which you can bottle for FREE!) she seems content to wash her hands and a few rocks, wonderfully listening to her mother's request to be careful and not step IN the running water.

Then today this happened.

And we had to walk back to the car in just a diaper.  Note to self: bring a change of clothes.

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