Toddler Quotes

I will admit that I have a very bright toddler on my hands.  I love that she's been talking since before she was one and that she can now talk in sentences and carry on a conversation fairly well.  I will also admit that I often feel sheepish about how well she speaks when I'm around other moms.  I know every kid has their talents, so I'm not sure why I always feel inclined to play it down... I guess I don't want to be that mom that always brags about her kid.  AND, though she's a great talker, she still doesn't sleep through the night, she's extremely strong-willed, and she pretty much lives on cheddar bunnies and cherry tomatoes (though that's getting a little better).

In the past month MiniM.E.'s ability to construct sentences and to appropriately comment on what's going on around her has drastically improved.  To the point where half of what she says each day floors me.  Like I stare at her and cannot believe she just said, well, whatever she just said.  Like a few weeks ago when she asked if we could go in the swing (we were driving up the driveway) and I said, "not tonight, it's too cold."  To which she replied stubbornly, "In swing, couple minutes!"

Which led me to the realization that my blog needs "Toddler Quotes".  Impressive, hilarious... inappropriate?  We'll have to see what she comes up with!

Today's quotes:

"Where'd he go?" (after calling for Daddy multiple times- he hadn't come upstairs yet)

"Much better!" (said after taking shoes off in the car)

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