Hello Spring!

I think I can officially say that spring has arrived.  The snow is melted, the bulbs are sprouting and the weather is WARM!

Gone are the days of trying to fill every indoor moment with exciting activities.

(painting and reading books, we still love you... we'll just need you once or twice a day instead of all day)

And here are the days of spending the whole day outside.

After toddler yoga, MiniM.E. couldn't pass up the chance to play outside.
even a bike rack makes a good jungle gym

"smiling" for the camera
 We went to Congress Park to see the ducks.  The ducks are getting to be old news though, and MiniM.E. is finding other things at the park to entertain herself (not the carousel yet though... not until MAY!!)
waving at her shadow

contemplating how to catch one

just walking

eating the duck food (Cheerios)

 MiniM.E. is always asking to "go in outside" when we're home too, so we've been spending lots of time in the yard.

"Dolly wear mittens! Dolly swing too!"

"Monkey swing too!"

aren't they cute?

"sweeping" the yard

"mowing" the lawn
Then over the weekend there was a Daddy-daughter playground visit.

is this "smiling" for the camera?  and is that Daddy's shadow taking the picture?
 Then we all went to a "different playground", Kelley Park in Ballston Spa, which is awesome.

more "smiling"

 Sunday (the coldest of days in our warm streak) we decided to have a BBQ.  It was a little too cold for my liking... but it was fun to try.

so that's where she got it...

discovering a love for dipping

and a love for "saa-saa"
 And yesterday we went to still another playground, Gavin Park in Wilton, where MiniM.E. would have stayed all day if I hadn't convinced her to come to the car where there were cheddar bunnies waiting for her.

LOVING the weather.  Unfortunately it appears there's going to be a bit of a cold rainy spell coming up... and MiniM.E. doesn't understand that cold and rainy is NOT fun playground weather... wish me luck!!

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