Happy Easter!

We spent the long Easter weekend in NH visiting my parents.

MiniM.E. loved being at my parents house.  She thrives on the extra attention and loves the playing with things she hasn't been around in a while.  There's a mini wagon, a rocking horse, a bird feeder with lots of birds to watch, my parents' cat Honey Bunches (the tail is a favorite) and of course, tubes of wrapping paper.
she picked all these up on her own.
The best part of my parents house is the backyard.  And the fact that there are THREE people (four when Bob got there on Sunday) to take her outside to play- which roughly equaled four times the outside time.

MiniM.E. Mommy even got brave and went let her go down the big slide in the backyard all by herself!

Too fun!  Swinging with Grumpy was a close second.

And "jumping off" the deck was definitely up there on the list.

If the swingset in the backyard didn't offer MiniM.E. enough outside time, we also visited a playground to play with MiniM.E.'s "boyfriend" H.

It was so much fun, we went back again on Easter.

Bob had been visiting his parents in NC for his dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Grandpa!) and arrived late Saturday night.

MiniM.E. got a tea set (which she thinks makes coffee) for Easter and it was love at first sight.

And when it came time to hunt eggs, MiniM.E. was a pro!

Happy Easter!

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