Color Matching Cups

I hate to admit it, but my adorable little baby has a problem.  An addiction really.  I'm not sure how to break it, but we've certainly been trying...

She LOVES YouTube videos.  And asks for them by name, repeatedly, throughout the day.  "Watch Puppy Balloons!" "Hokey Pokey!" "ABC Train!" "Monsters Walking!" "CUPS!!!"

Here is the cup video.  Educational, yes.  Entertaining, not so much.  Especially the 4,354th time.

Anyway, I bought MiniM.E. some colored cups from IKEA.  I haven't found balls yet, but as a substitute, she's been using Easter Eggs.  Which she is not very happy with.  "Find Balls!" she'll exclaim, then reluctantly use the eggs.  She's pretty good at it though, and rarely makes a mistake.  She even puts the cups out by herself and puts them away at the end.

So yesterday she finds the cups and takes them out.  "Play cups!" she demanded.  But I couldn't find the eggs.  (Bob must have put them somewhere...)  "Hold on," I said and rummaged in the kitchen looking for them.  When I returned to the living room, I saw this.

Pretty impressive since she had to decide she wanted to use balls instead, find them where they were put away in a closed basket in a bookshelf, take them out and get them to balance on the cups.

She amazes me.  All. The. Time.  Love this kid...

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