We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Or at least we scream in the car on the way there because Gram isn't in the car with us...

MiniM.E. is very attached to her Gram.  When she visits now (or when we visit her) MiniM.E. could care less about me.  She always wants "Gram do it".  Which is nice... I'm glad MiniM.E. loves my mom and I can't say I'm sad to have a little bit of a break.

BUT, it is a little frustrating when we do something without Gram and MiniM.E. has a cow.

At least ice cream is a good distraction and Friendly's was only five minutes from home.

yummy cone head sundae!

H. LOVES ice cream.  MiniM.E. would rather have a crayon.
 MiniM.E. was all about the ice cream for about 5 minutes. Then she was ready to go.  C. and I had a good time chatting anyway, and H. loved it!

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