The Evil Norovirus

Let me begin this post with an apology.

I am truly sorry that I haven't posted in weeks.  I hope you're all still out there and are anxiously awaiting my next post.  I'm also a little sad because this blog is a way for me to keep tabs on what happened in MiniM.E.'s life too.  I guess its like a journal or a diary.  Sort of.  Except that I'm putting it out there for everyone to read.  AND it's hardly about me at all.  I digress...

WARNING: the following paragraphs are a bit graphic.  If you're eating a snack right now, you should probably stop.  Or quickly scroll down to the part with the picture.

Two and a half weeks ago the norovirus hit our house.  HARD.  I'd heard stories of vomiting children and children with diarrhea and laughed along as fellow moms told horror stories of the puke they had to clean off the ceiling and the poop that seeped through two pairs of pants and a towel onto the couch, Fortunately (or unfortunately as I wasn't prepared for what happened) for me, MiniM.E. has never been a puker- maybe a couple spit-up episodes here and there.  She's had her share of poop-splosions, but I never expected what I encountered for a week after the virus hit.

MiniM.E. started with the virus by puking up all food and drink consumed over at least a 12 hour period onto my laminate kitchen floor from my arms resulting in an amazing splatter that reached the underside of the kitchen table, the stove, the fridge all cabinets and the better part of a wall.  She didn't keep anything down for 24 hours.  Though a lot of stuff came up.  On the couch, on me, on the crib, on the floor.  It was a little ridiculous.  The vomit was followed by a week of diarrhea to which I will only say that we went through more outfits than we would have in weeks, I did more laundry than I do in a month, there were several  bath-worthy occasions and in an undisclosed parking lot, there may still be a pile of poo.

In the middle of the second half of MiniM.E.'s virus I got it, then Bob got it.  Thankfully my mom came to take care of MiniM.E. while neither of us could get out of bed, but then SHE got it.  Finally we were all better enough to make a trip to NH, though it was a day later than we expected.

SO, that explains the first half of my blogging hiatus.

This is the only picture I have of MiniM.E. for at least a week.  And it's her in a pile of (clean) laundry.  Because that is all I did for what seemed like a week.

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