The Boston Children's Museum

Thursday we went with H., C., C's mom, and Gram to the Boston Children's Museum.  It was a tri-generational adventure!  We had a blast and the kids loved it even though they were a little young for most of the exhibits.

We left for nap time, the kids slept on the way and we spent the afternoon there and loved it so much we stayed until it closed!

We started at, revisited and ended at MiniM.E.'s favorite room, the bubble room.
Trying to make a bubble around us.  Fail.
At first MiniM.E. was just fascinated.


She realized she could POP the bubbles.

Mouth popping!

Head popping

"Taking shower!"
 MiniM.E. is still talking about the bubbles.  "Making bubbles museum!" "Pop bubbles head!" "Pop bubbles mouth!" "Pop bubbles ear!" "Taking shower!" (because the bubbles popped and got her all wet) "Bubbles one more time!"

MiniM.E.'s second favorite thing at the museum was the turtle exhibit that you could lie down under!  Both the kids loved seeing the turtles swim over them.  MiniM.E. kept asking to see the turtles "one more time" the whole time we were at the museum.

There was a ball room where you could roll golf balls down all sorts of ramps.

The best place for our 1 1/2 year olds was the 0-3 room.  There were books, puzzles, games, and mini furniture.

A small play area (MiniM.E. loved the steering wheel).

A teeter totter,
fun with two

and fun with one, too.
 A tiny car that H. wanted to drive all day
H. driving with his girl

Trying to sneak a kiss!

Then we played in the big kid exhibits.  When we weren't trying to pull our kids away from trampling big kids, they had lots of fun.
Dancing on the dance floor
 MiniM.E. wanted to spend the rest of the day at Peep's Water World, but she was a little too short to actually play in the water...

We pulled ourselves up in a pulley chair...

And had fun in the Blue Man Group exhibit.

The visit to the museum went much better than we all expected.  The kids were really well behaved and had a blast (every time we get in the car MiniM.E. asks if we're going to the museum).  We thought we wore them out, but both kids must have been too excited to sleep because they were both up late!

Can't wait to bring Daddy and some of our other friends back to the museum soon!

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